Paystand is a leading cloud-based, B2B billing & payment platform. Its mission is to use Blockchain and SaaS technologies to transform how businesses make and receive payments. Paystand is headquartered out of Scotts Valley, CA with a satellite office in Mexico City.

Project Scope
  • Logo System
  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Hubspot Theme Development
  • Document Design

Project Background

Paystand’s previous logo did not accurately reflect how the product had evolved, nor did it convey the company’s vision of their future. More crucially, however, it simply did not resonate with their enterprise consumer base. From a purely functional standpoint, the existing logo had scaling issues when used at small sizes and through different mediums.

Start with strategy

Before any design work took place, we needed a deeper understanding of who Paystand was, where they're going and what the logo’s main objective would be. Working with their leadership team, we refined their company values and then determined demographic and psychographic profiles for the typical Paystand consumer.

A new logo system

After establishing the various use cases for the logo, we decided that we would need a logo system with an icon and wordmark that would accurately represent the look, feel and tone that resonated with enterprise clients. The new system provided the flexibility to work at different sizes and orientations.


We wanted Paystand’s new logo to reflect both the current state of the company but also align with their future vision. The new logo design was inspired by the following concepts as we created an abstract mark.


The negative space at the center of the logo is a cube, a symbol that is representative of the Blockchain. Placing the cube at the center of the icon illustrates how the Blockchain is central to Paystand’s service offerings


#OpenIndustry is Paystand’s goal of building openness and transparency into commercial finance through decentralization, the blockchain, and modern technology. The open nature of the icon references their dedication to building a more open financial system.

Network Inspired

Network connections, often depicted as lines connecting nodes, are both seen and unseen. This motif was carried into the design of the Paystand icon. These node-connecting lines occupy both the positive (seen) and negative (unseen) spaces.

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As part of Paystand's new visual identity a custom set of icons were designed to depict several concepts specific to Paystand's service offerings.

Website Design

The first phase of the Paystand website redesign was focused on re-organizing content and creating a more templated approach to managing the content. The new website runs on Hubspot CMS and is created with a component-based approach to speed up the design and creation of new pages.

Website Design

User Profiles

We worked with the Paystand team to define a set of user profiles that align with the company’s target audience. As part of this exercise we defined demographic and psychographic information for each user.

User Profiles
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Core Values

We worked with the Paystand team to refine their  core values to align with the future state of the company.

Core Values
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