Design is more than just looking good. We use design as a tool to help you connect with your audience and craft experiences that resonate with them.

Our Process

We follow a four-phase approach to creating design assets. All of the work we produce is designed to help you connect with customers and solve real business challenges. The decisions we make are driven by data and best practices, allowing us to consistently create high quality design work. Our design process has the flexibility to repeat as your business needs evolve. This lets us further refine the experiences, ensuring they resonate with your customers and employees.

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Phase 1


The first phase of our design process begins with discovery. Over the course of 1-3 workshops, we learn about your ideal customers as well as your company history, offerings, and constraints. Based on the findings from these workshops, we craft a creative brief detailing what assets you’ll need designed.

Phase 2


This is where the designing begins. Here, we work collaboratively and routinely check in with you. Our approach to design is both divergent and convergent. A divergent approach allows us to explore new, out-of-the-box ideas and concepts, while a convergent approach helps us refine those ideas/concepts, narrow them down based on real world constraints, and determine which one will work best.

Phase 3


Releasing a new identity system can be difficult. We simplify this process by creating guidelines, training, and tools that ensure a smooth launch for you and a cohesive experience for your customers.

Phase 4


As the demands of you business change, so too must your systems and experiences. Real customer data is a crucial tool for evaluating what parts of your brand need refining. We help you identify what metrics to track and interpret, then decide how you should move forward.

“The team at JShaw Creative has been awesome to work with. Flexible. Responsive. But, most importantly, creative and invested in our brand. They treat developing our brand and the design content associated with it as their own. We have full confidence that our design work will strike the right chord.”

Mark Fisher

VP of Marketing, Paystand
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